BCM302 Peer Review 2

Sean Pickering – Aquilah Productions

Sean has been building on a DA project that he has been continuing to establish since high school. Aquilah Productions focuses on travel and adventure photography and videography. His project aims to build his professional portfolio so that he can present a visual representation of his work to future employers and clients. Sean’s concept is thoroughly highlighted in his beta, as well as his initial pitch. Over the semester, Sean has highlighted some iterations and developmental trajectories that his project has gone through. The main one being that he is keeping the concept, just changing his approach to increase engagement and interactions with his brand and posts. His reviewed methodology is focusing on “revamping” his posting schedule and brainstorming new ideas for different content that he plans to post on his established social media accounts. This is an effort to try and aim his content at clients and landing some professional jobs, to kickstart is career.

Currently, Sean uploads daily to both Instagram and Facebook, using relevant hashtags to successfully achieve the algorithm associated with gaining reach and overall growth. In addition to posting photos to his socials regularly, Sean also posts daily Instagram stories to promote the daily posts that he uploads. This promotes audience retention and engagement, as well as offers another chance for interaction from his target audience, as they can provide feedback via a direct message or a comment on his posts. Given the current pandemic, Sean also had to alter his concept to create original content all whilst working from home. He has proposed creating Instagram reels to draw in more followers and gain growth and base his reels on popular trends in his chosen sector. 

Regarding his users, Sean expressed that his content is relevant to similar, like-minded people who are interested in exploring, adventuring, photography, and videography. The DA, Sean expressed, has also developed his professional portfolio so that he can reach out to companies in search of paid work. His audience are typically aged between 18 and 24 and is slightly more male dominated (55%). However, his content aims to appeal to both genders. Throughout his process of creating content, a gradual increase of audience retention became prominent. There was also an increase in engagement seen through likes and total impressions, as well as a slight increase in followers on all three of Sean’s desired social media outlets. Since beginning the project, Aquilah Productions gained 40 followers on Instagram, 30 page likes on Facebook and 10 YouTube subscribers. 

Going forward, Sean plans on creating a website and opening an online print store. Furthermore, he is going to target Facebook ads towards the baby boomer generation and further invest into Facebook Business Suite. The only criticism I have for Sean’s project in the future is to focus on why he is going to try and target the baby boomer audience. He has stated he is aiming his content towards 18–24-year-olds, so there needs to be more clarification surrounding who he is targeting and why. Overall, however, a really good job. I look forward to seeing the finished job.

Taylor Sumelj – Listen Loud

Taylor has been building her DA based upon the fact that she is at the end of her university journey and wanted to create something that would make her desirable and valuable to future employers. Taylor expressed that her interests lie in the punk rock musicscape. Taylor expressed that she had been developing her brand since mid-2020 and that she knew it would be an ongoing process. She decided that this project would be beneficial to her as she would be able to demonstrate her commitment to a long-term project, and a variety of other skills she acquired throughout the process. In addition to this, there is a limited number of opportunities available in the entertainment business management field, and this project would allow Taylor to stand out against other applicants. Her initial concept was to utilise Facebook and Instagram to promote her work whilst also developing an engaged community of likeminded individuals. Her initial aim was to post once a week, to increase her following on her social media platforms.

She was able to maintain a consistent posting schedule of twice per week instead of her original goal of once a week. She was also receiving a lot of content from artists. Based on her feedback loops, she increased her posting as well as created a Listen Loud Spotify playlist. The songs added to the playlist are by artists featured on the Listen Loud blog. This offered a new platform that users could go to and interact with, as a further resource to gain growth for her project. Regarding iterations surrounding her project, Taylor mentioned that although she used to incorporate video content, she could no longer as she ran out of original content. Therefore, moving forward she would like to improve her Facebook and Instagram stories to drive engagement until she is able to attend live events again. This will be completed through the integration of more audio-visual content.

After a decline in engagement alongside an increase in followers, Taylor has decided to shift her overall focus going forward. Instead of focusing on the size of her audience, she is going to aim her focus towards increasing the engagement of her audience. Every week, she took measures to post her analytics regarding engagement and interactions with her posts. This allowed her to assess her overall progress with her project.

Overall, I believe that Taylor has successfully integrated her feedback from her feedback loops, and that her project has significantly improved since her pitch. I think that until live events can be attended once again, I believe there is an opportunity to interview artists remotely via zoom. This could be a possible new way to format her interviews and bring some more excitement around her blog posts. For those who do not like to read, this could be a fun way to re-integrate human interaction into her posts. Overall, an amazing job and I look forward to the final product.

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