Peer Review 1

Taylor Sumelj – Listen Loud

Taylor Sumelj is basing her DA around her music blog, Listen Loud.

Taylor very clearly stated her concept and demonstrated that she is knowledgeable in digital marketing as well as music – punk, rock, and alternative genres. Listen Loud is a continuation of precious DA’s, which means that Taylor’s user base is stable and developed. However, with this approach, Taylor is expanding her blog to act as a professional portfolio to show future employers. The blog primarily features up-and-coming artists, and details new releases as well as interviews with some of the artists that feature on Listen Loud. 

Moving on, the problem that Taylor has identified is that of the limitation of opportunities in her desired industry that she wishes to work in. to further expand her audience, Taylor is focusing her efforts on curating and communicating content from her blog to her social media platforms. After an experimentation of trial and error with other platforms such as Tiktok, LinkedIn and Reddit, Taylor’s main audience engagement is on Instagram and Facebook. 

Finally, Taylor’s utility has two purposes. The first being, to expand and build her own personal portfolio. This is a visual to support her when applying for entry level jobs and internships in the music industry. The second is that her site and brand benefits fans of punk, rock, and alternative genres. Listen Loud is a platform on which fans of this niche genre can access entertaining content, that aligns with their own personal interests. 

After reviewing Taylor’s pitch, I have a few main suggestions for improvement that she might take when progressing with her DA. The first being, that despite a history of low engagement rates, possibly giving reddit another attempt. My reasoning for this suggestion is because subreddits are very niche and can reach a very specific group of people. Furthermore, after viewing Listen Loud’s Instagram, I also suggest including snippets of video excerpts. Whether this be from interviews or new releases, I believe that it will create excitement surrounding Taylor’s posts on her blog and increase audience engagement. Lastly, I suggest creating a Listen Loud Spotify playlist, and linking it to all your platforms. 

Overall, the quality of Taylor’s pitch was extremely professional. In my opinion, I believe that it looks better than some music label’s websites. The presentation was succinct and covered all the essential details required. It was also visually appealing. I am excited to see Taylor’s project continue to grow.

Sean Pickering – Aquilah Productions

Sean is basing his DA around his photography and videography portfolio, Aquilah Productions. Firstly, Sean’s concept is clearly defined as being he wants to continue building his professional portfolio. He expressed that he is knowledgeable in the photography and videography industry. Aquilah Productions is something that Sean has been curating since high school, to express his passion for photography, videography, and adventure and travel. Sean’s project is based over several platforms -Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Because this project is a continuation from previous subjects, Sean already has a developed audience base. 

Following on from this, Sean describes his process for content creation in a clear and concise manner. His process includes uploading photos to Instagram and Facebook daily, strategically using relevant hashtags on these posts to achieve audience engagement and growth. He is also going to create daily Instagram stories to link to his daily posts on Instagram as a promotion strategy. He is also going to create video edits and post the full versions on his YouTube channel.  Furthermore, he is going to post sneak peeks of the videos on his socials as another way to promote his content.

Sean has identified his target audience as those who are 18-24 years old, and share his passion for photography, videography, and adventure. His audience is predominantly male; however, he believes that his content appeals to both males and females. 

Following on from this, my suggestions to Sean are that he use a colour formatting technique to ensure that the cohesion of his feed is maintained and aesthetically pleasing to his followers. This technique can aid with organisation and scheduling. In addition to this suggestion, I also believe that Sean needs to articulate his utility a little bit more, because I want to know why your project/DA is useful. I suggest the idea of making your posts more interactive. Examples of this would be encouraging people to visit the spots that you post about. This can be done using captions, by posing a question to your followers, or maybe even making YouTube videos of BTS or why people should visit that place. In summary, making content with this type of angle forces interaction in a way, and ultimately provides you with a better feedback loop for your work. Overall, the quality of your pitch was good, but a little bit more detail is all I would have suggested.

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