Digital Ethnography: Social Media Platforms and their influence online

Social media platforms have increased in popularity, variety and structure over recent years. “In crossing the threshold of social media, users transform themselves into prosumers (Ritzer and Jurgenson 2010), insofar as they can actually interact with online content, by producing, commenting, reusing, remixing, and sharing them in a many-to-many kind of logic.” (Caliandro, 2017). FacebookContinue reading “Digital Ethnography: Social Media Platforms and their influence online”

Television in the Home: Still a family affair

As a child, growing up with a television in the home was something that was a familiar concept. It was my parents’ way of distracting us kids so that they could have a break, after a stressful day at work. Watching television was always a routine that my sisters and I participated in. We wereContinue reading “Television in the Home: Still a family affair”