Blog Post 4: Live Tweets

Throughout the remainder of the semester, two weeks stood out in terms of tweets and replies for me personally. These weeks being the screenings of week six and seven. 

Week 6 Screening: Blade Runner 2049

This week, I believe that I was able to relate my tweets to the subject matter in a way that was concise and tied in the screening and the subject topics. With my first selected tweet, I tried to incorporate some articles that related to both the topic for the week – this week’s topic was Futurists – and to tie this in with the film. My three other tweets were more so personal reflections and questions that were aimed at my peers, to provoke some topics and prompts for discussion. My tweets this week also gained some engagement from my fellow peers which provided me with some awesome insights and feedback into what other thoughts were of the screening.

Furthermore, I also believe that my interactions with my peers’ tweets showed that I was truly interacting with the material and answering some prompts to conversation that they provoked through their tweets. I believe that by retweeting and commenting more on my peers’ material it enabled my understanding of the screening and weekly topic further. Through interactions such as this, it was easier to draw similarities between the first and second film of the Blade Runner franchise that we viewed.

Week 7 Screening: The Matrix

This week again was a week that I was able to see a dramatic improvement in the quality of my tweets and interactions with other students’ tweets. This week I focused more on the questioning aspect of my tweets. I put out tweets that stipulated interaction and engagement from my fellow students. I had three tweets that stood out this week and were related to more of a “statement” type of formatting in my tweets. They take concepts and themes presented in the movie, and then presents concepts that are linked to our perception of reality and links the two together. Following on from this, my other two tweets from this week are formatted into a question. This, again, was a strategy to stipulate interaction from my fellow students. Regarding these tweets, they may have been taken as rhetorical questions by some, but I did get a few replies and retweets.

In addition to this, my interactions with fellow peers showed the use of liking, commenting, and quoting tweets in the form of retweets. These tools on twitter provided useful as it was a way for me to better express my thoughts and provided a chance for more opportunities for in-depth discussion with my peers and tutor. 

In conclusion, I believe that my tweets have drastically improved since the first week of semester. I believe that the use of live tweeting was a great way to help me understand the topics better and to also understand different perspectives of the screenings each week. Utilizing social media was a great way to put our thoughts on a platform that could provide interaction amongst all class mates.

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