Blog Post 3: Peer Comments

Beta one: Emma Moser

After viewing Emma’s beta video, I gathered that she was basing her DA on the near future of the UOW Visual Arts Society. Emma is the president of the club and wanted to focus on creating a marketing plan for the club to promote it and gain more members. Throughout her process, Emma questioned two things to herself. After watching her beta, I believe that her marketing plan will help to achieve her end goal of the society being known on campus. Emma highlighted her concept, process, and goal for her DA very clearly and ensured that she accompanied this video with a detailed yet concise essay that really helped me as a viewer to understand her views.

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The way in which I could improve on this comment is summarised in a few dot points:

  • Perhaps I could have pulled out more specific examples from her beta to relate back to the comment itself.
  • Given examples on how she could have related her beta back to the subject matter more.

Beta two: Amy Micallef

The next beta I viewed was Amy’s beta, that detailed her prospects of her business – Beyond Branding. Amy aims to have her DA executed as a business plan for promoting her business. Amy started a podcast and interviewed local graphic designers to talk to them about all things Beyond Branding and topics relating to her business. After viewing Amy’s beta, the main thing that I acknowledged was the overall presentation of her site and beta. I believed it was very aesthetic and looked extremely professional. I believe that Amy’s idea of turning her business prospects into her DA was a very original idea and that it was different to the other DA’s I had seen. Although her DA concept was very original, I didn’t see the way in which it related back to the BCM325 concept of Future Cultures. 

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Furthermore, I believe that my improvements of this comment can be summarised into a few dot points:

  • I could have mentioned my critique of her DA in the sense that I didn’t see the relation back to the subject. 

Beta three: James Muggeridge

James’ DA explored the use of technology in sports and whether they might ruin sport in the near future. He planned to do this in the format of 4 blogs, 4 podcasts and 1 video to compile all the research that he raised. James made his concept, process, and goals very clear, however he did not have a lot of feedback to show. This is understandable as it is hard to gain feedback on blogs and podcasts, but I believe that his DA shows promise. 

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The ways that I could have improved my comment can be summarised in a few dot points:

  • Give specific examples of how he could have related the DA to the subject matter of Future Cultures.
  • Provide some helpful articles on his subject that might guide him in the right direction in regards to some of the concerns that he raised.

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