Contextual Essay BCM325


Summary of DA

When undergoing the ideation process for this digital artefact, I had to question what was truly important to me and what I was interested to see the future of. In this case, politics, and the way that society works has always been a point of interest for me. Thinking of societies around the world that currently live under a different political regime to myself made me question what these political regimes would look like in the future if they were to become global. I picked four regimes, however I ended up doing three as they were most prominent in media examples that I found. The three were Capitalism, Socialism and Communism. 

Relevant Subject Concepts

In each screening shown over the course of the subject, a recurring theme was that of politics, and the power that it held over the public. Movies like Metropolis, The Matrix, Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049, all exemplified a governing force that controlled and oversaw the way that the public lived and saw things in general. Therefore, by examining political regimes and concepts, it was easy to relate to the screenings. Socialism can be seen in Blade Runner, communism can be seen in Metropolis, there are examples in all the screenings that one can draw to the subject matter discussed in Future Cultures.

Engagement and Social Utility:
although my videos did not receive a high engagement rate, they provide a great social utility for several reasons. The first, being that they are educational videos that can help with school projects for those in high school or university studying politics. They are also explained so that kids between 15 and 18 can understand and apply to real life situations. The media examples provide a visual example of what the political regime would look like in action in the future. The first video posted received no views, so I attempted to make the next two videos more media focused as to try and grab attention. 

Continual Progression and Refinement:

The continual progression and refinement occurred during the making of the two videos based on socialism and communism. I decided that instead of it being a video essay that is for entertainment, it was to be aimed at being educational. Therefore, I remained with the slides/PowerPoint presentation format. With some key points and video on each slide, it made it a more professional and educational video. I also decided to share my own opinion on the political regime in each video and where I think we would be in the next 50 years.


Therefore, my DA shows the possible effects of politics in the future and where our society may be. It provides an educational purpose to those wanting to learn more and become a part of a dynamic and interesting debate. Furthermore, the use of the subject matter combined with media examples and definitions of the political regimes, it made it easier for me to draw a conclusion on what politics will be in the next 50 years. I found that no matter the result, there will always be an element of turmoil. However, it is possible that society could take a stance now to prevent such bleak outcomes. Politics is an everchanging environment so no one can truly predict the future of it, however based off of patterns possible conclusions can be drawn.

Published by theobservationalist

I am a current university student in the second year of my degree at the University of Wollongong. I am studying a double degree, a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies/Commerce. I enjoy writing about all of the things that I observe in every day life, and I want to write these pieces in hopes that it will make a change in our current society.

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