BCM325 Beta

My concept for my DA is focusing on the future of politics in the next 50 years. I am making a video essay mini-series, comprised of five videos, four of which focus on specific political movements and the fifth being a conclusion video and my opinion of where I believe the future of politics is headed towards. I have released one prototype onto YouTube. However, this has not received high levels of engagement. My aim by the end of my DA is to have increased engagement levels through the utilization of social media platforms such as reddit and twitter in efforts to promote my project to a wider audience.

Published by theobservationalist

I am a current university student in the second year of my degree at the University of Wollongong. I am studying a double degree, a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies/Commerce. I enjoy writing about all of the things that I observe in every day life, and I want to write these pieces in hopes that it will make a change in our current society.

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