Blog Post B: Live Tweets

This blog is a self-reflection on my abilities to live-tweet whilst viewing screenings for Future Cultures BCM325. 

Week One Screening: Metropolis (1927)

Week one, we viewed the 1927 silent classic, Metropolis. Being the first live-tweeting experience, I had, this was an overwhelming process. My tweets that were engaging with the contact lacked the connection to lecture materials. They were mainly observations on moments in the movie and didn’t relate to any sources that I found externally. 

Although my tweets for this week received engagement through likes and some comments, it didn’t spark a deeper conversation. Furthermore, my interactions with peers could have been more than just liking and retweeting. I reacted through retweets to a number of my peers, as well as commenting on some thought-provoking statuses that were made. Overall for Week one, I believe that I needed to put more thought into finding external sources to relate to that week’s screening and doing more than just liking and retweeting posts.

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Week Two Screening: 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

The following week, the screening 2001: A Space Odyssey was played. I believe that, although I was still getting used to the concept of live-tweeting, I was able to better interact with the content.

I managed to look to external articles to relate back to the viewing content.

This week, my tweets received more interactions, like comments. It sparked a conversation between myself and peers about our perceptions of the future, which allowed for more in-depth understanding for both sides. Commenting was something that I wanted to improve on this week. However, instead of just liking and retweeting I believe that I could have quoted some tweets or re-tweeted more. Overall, my tweets improved in finding external sources to relate to the content, however I needed to refer back to lecture material which week 1 & 2 tweets lacked.

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Week Three Screening: West World (1973)

Week three was the viewing of West World. This week I believe there was a jump in my tweeting ability. Although relation to the subject lectures wasn’t there, my research for external articles and relating the content to other concepts was prominent. I made my tweets more interactive in the hopes that they would spark conversation or a debate, in this example I used polls as a tool on twitter to try to achieve this.

In addition to this, I observed the screening and made comments and links between the predictions in the movie, to our society today. This week for my interactions, the aim was to quote some tweets by my peers and comment on them that way.

Overall, I was able to see a dramatic improvement in the interactions I engaged in on my peers’ tweets.

Week Four Screening: Blade Runner (1982)

Week four was the screening of Blade Runner (1982), and it revealed some interesting insights into the sci-fi movie genre. This week, my tweets focused on highlighting some outside sources for recommended reading that looked into the prominent themes that the movie portrays. I believe my tweets provoked thought and conversation amongst my peers, as they received some engagement. 

My interactions with my peers’ comments included quoting tweets, commenting and liking. Overall, I believe that my tweets continued to improve this week.

Week Five Screening: The Ghost in the Shell (1995)

This week we viewed the movie, The Ghost in the Shell. This was an anime classic, based on the convergence of “ghosts” being a consciousness inserted into an artificial body. This week my tweeting did interact with the subject lecture. I believe this has been a huge leap in comparison to where I was in Week one. Not only did I recommend the weekly reading for the subject, but I created opportunities for engagement through the use of a poll. In addition to this, I also related the film to one of my own personal favourite shows, Black Mirror.

This week my interactions only involved likes, which I could have improved on more.

Overall, I believe that my live tweets thus far show insightful observations and interactions with the subject screenings. I believe that with the coming weeks my engagement will improve and interactions will be more insightful.

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I am a current university student in the second year of my degree at the University of Wollongong. I am studying a double degree, a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies/Commerce. I enjoy writing about all of the things that I observe in every day life, and I want to write these pieces in hopes that it will make a change in our current society.

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