The Future of Politics: Where will we be in 50 years?

My Digital Artefact is going to be a video series based upon the concept of what the political landscape will look like in 50 years. Each video will focus on one of four political stances:

  • Capitalism
  • Nationalism
  • Socialism
  • Communism

The key methodology that will be required to complete this task is extensive background research. This includes researching the historical significance of politics and scholarly predictions for politics. It also involves drawing examples from different sources of media (movies and TV) to assist the audience in visualizing the theories and predictions presented in each video. 

Below I have provided an example of my production timeline:

Weeks 4-5Focused on in-depth research into the historical significance of politics, and the origins of the four “isms” in which my project is based around.Focusing on planning some prototypes for video series.
Weeks 6-7Focused on in-depth research into scholarly sources about the future of politics and drawing some rough predictions from these.Starting to develop some predictions to include in my video series.
Weeks 8-9Begin to draw specific examples from media to back up final predictions and conclusions for each video.Begin preparing Beta, ready to submit.Release first video as a “tester”.
Weeks 10-11Release video series and await engagement.
Weeks 12-13Finalise video series based upon feedback and final comments.

Finally, the public utility of my DA can be summed up in a quote from Plato; “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”. 


Walt. S., 2015, Foreign Policy, viewed 18/3/2021,

Choudhary. S., 2017, Legal Bites: Law and Beyond, viewed 18/3/2021,

Published by theobservationalist

I am a current university student in the second year of my degree at the University of Wollongong. I am studying a double degree, a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies/Commerce. I enjoy writing about all of the things that I observe in every day life, and I want to write these pieces in hopes that it will make a change in our current society.

7 thoughts on “The Future of Politics: Where will we be in 50 years?

  1. Hi, Madeline! Your DA project is really novel and different, which makes me very interested. I agree with you that studying politics mainly requires studying their historical background and significance. And many people may also like to understand the history and future trends in this area, but it is hindered by a large amount of literature. If your videos and research can make people understand various political systems and developments in a vivid and interesting way, that’s awesome and great! At the end of the video, it is mentioned that this DA project is to help young people make decisions with clearer goals. I found an article about the specific characteristics of youth political participation and the political attitude of youth participation in Europe as an example.
    I am at a stage where I don’t understand this aspect but I like to listen to people’s discussions, so I look forward to your DA project! Because I prefer to use videos and movies to understand various political issues and the future political situation than articles. I will be very happy if the article I share can help you!


  2. Hey, this is an incredible idea for a DA! In three years at uni I’ve really never seen the topic of future politics get talked about and sculpted into a project like this, which makes it super unique and interesting. I feel like in this subject a lot of people (including myself) might have jumped to the idea that advanced technology, computers, etc. is must-have topic in their DA. Your social utility is extremely strong and has great potential to lead your audience into learning about politics which is an educating and relevant topic to their life.

    Something that would be super interesting to see in your DA is ways in which social media plays a role in the political landscape in 50 years. Such as how meme warfare had such an impact on the presidential run in 2016, it would be cool to see how this would be visualised with the emergence of our digital era in years to come. This reading here talks about that topic in depth if that interests you:

    The production quality of your pitch video is at a super high standard and I am looking forward to your videos in the final weeks of the semester!


  3. Hi Madeline, well done on your pitch! This is a really cool project idea. Thinking of politics fifty years into the future is definitely a unique topic and will be insightful to your audience! It is really cool to see how you have an in-depth timeline about your plans for this topic. Because this topic is based on the long term future of politics I think it is really interesting how you have a set idea for this project and its utility.

    Because this topic is based around politics, I was thinking a really interesting idea you may want to utilise may be trying to email or get in touch with people who work in politics and interview them about the future of politics and getting their thoughts and opinions about the future of politics. This will allow you to add a new element into your video series – because you have defined your public utility on informing young people on voting and navigating the political landscape, I think it would be a really informative tool to have quotes from people who work in the world of politics incorporated into your project. This can provide informative information to your project and allow your potential interviewee’s to convey information from themselves to your audience. If this idea interests you, I have attached a list of contact information for members of the NSW parliament

    Great job on your pitch, and good luck with the future of this project!


  4. Hey Madeline!

    I wanted to start off by saying your video was so awesome! This is the most unique and original video I have seen so far, I haven’t seen anyone have both the slides / presentation up as well as the video of themselves. The design of this also looks fantastic and I really enjoyed watching it!

    One of the things I noticed was there was no link to the presentation to read the definitions or quotes you mentioned in your video. I think this would have been really helpful so then we can get an nice understanding of what everything means for your project. In regards to this though, something you mentioned in your video struck me and I was really happy to see how you were positioning your project it was about helping young people participate in politics is will be extremely helpful and beneficial to anyone interested in voting. I do have a question that maybe you could reflect on but I wanted to ask, do you think after the huge campaigning America does for politics that there will be more and more people voting around the world?

    In terms of your idea for your digital artefact, I am really excited! Politics has drastically changed since the 2016 Presidential Campaigns and how they started implementing memes as a form of propaganda, in particular how meme warfare is now used by the government now! I remember Ted actually wrote paper with Travis about meme warfare. If you get a chance, I would have a read of it because it definitely is helpful!

    Something important to mention is how external factors have been implemented in the world of politics. For example gaming was a form of propaganda to bring in more young voters as we saw with AOC. So is the future gaming? Well I don’t know but definitely is a very helpful article to look at!

    Another really interesting thing you could look into is how much power politics has, in particular how we respond to it. I know that when I did BCM 112 we discussed simulations and simulated conversations, in particular how the media will repeat political sayings over and over again to make us believe and remember what they are saying. The link of this is here and I definitely recommend looking further into how simulation correlates with politics.

    I’m genuinely interested to see where your project takes you as I definitely am interested in this and how we consume political news as well. I also suggest looking into how things could influence politics, in particular social media. I actually came across this really interesting video you should watch

    Also again, really great digital artefact idea. I can’t wait to watch your video series, politics is moving and shaping how we interact with the world more than ever before and I do wonder if in 50 years everything will become a communist country? That is something for everyone who thinks about it to decide but I am looking forward to hearing your own input as well!

    Have a great weekend!



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