My Research Project Proposal

“How does the extent of a university student’s participation in extra-curricular activities affect their employability after graduation and academic performance during their degree?”

This is my proposal for my research project surrounding the theme, “the university student experience”. The reason pertaining as to why I am interested in this topic, is due to the fact that I believe getting involved in campus life and extra-curricular activities are a big part of the university student experience. My curiosity on this subject of participation and the effects that participation have on the success of a student during and after their degree, comes from my belief that employers in this modern landscape look for more than just academic success. However, I want to explore the truth behind this belief. By gathering research from my fellow peers, I maintain the expectation that their opinions and thoughts on the matter will give me a clear outline of the culture and promotion of involvement in extracurricular activities on campus.


I believe that this topic is relevant and timely because employers are beginning to look for skill sets that they believe will allow their business to flourish. It is achievable in the sense that UOWx is a program provided by the university that specialises in this particular area. Another specific program that is dedicated to the improvement of academic performance was the PASS program. Both of these programs are relevant in the sense that their missions are to improve not only the employability of a student, but also the academic performance of a student. The research topic I have chosen focuses on the difference between students who do not participate or make use of these programs and those who do. I want to explore whether the results between the two differ. My goal with this research is to promote more programs like this and for these programs to have more flexible elements so that they cater to all students who attend the university.


During my research for evidence of this topic and why it is an issue, I discovered an academic article composed by Luisa H. Pinto and Diogo C. Ramalheira titled, “Perceived employability of business graduates: The effect of academic performance and extracurricular activities”. In this article, the authors outline that with the growing number of graduates from a higher education “graduates are becoming increasingly aware that academic credentials are not enough to find a suitable job”. The article outlines that more and more students are getting involved in exercising their practical skills to become more desirable to employers. the ways in which this affects their individual academic performance depends upon the balance of dedication between extracurricular activities and their academics. This article gave a rough outline of how to approach this topic in an ethical and empathetic way, which allows the research to be gathered in the correct manner.


In addition to this source, I discovered an analysis project carried out by Neelam Rawati, Aayush Rastogi, Kopal Jaiswal and Abhishek Nigam in 2014. It is titled, “Analysis of Relationship between Extracurricular Activities and Academic Performance by Computational Intelligence”. Through their research methodology, the authors found that the students they researched fell into four distinct categories. The researchers isolated one of the categories and found that the students had a range of different results between them. Their conclusion was that their findings supported the proposal that students who participated in extracurricular activities tended to have better academic performance.


Therefore, these two sources highlight that there is substantial evidence to research and explore for this project. It is a simple concept that can be researched among the research participants, while also having a substantial number of secondary sources for evidence to solidify the research.



< L. H. Pinto, ?/04/2017, “Perceived employability of business graduates: The effect of academic performance and extracurricular activities”, Journal of  Vocational Behaviour >

< N. Rawat et. al, 26/1/2015, “Analysis of Relationship between extracurricular activities and academic performance by computational intelligence”, Conference in Ghaziabad, India >

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